maandag 24 maart 2014


Hee Huub Obama here.

Thanx for the travel tips.
I first had to visit your pri-minister.
The man took about six selfies before he finally let me go.

We went straight to the Rijks in Amsterdam.
Don't worry I never wait for a traffic light. So green or red are always the same to me.

Besides we went by helicopter and laughed our harts out traveling above the roadblocks.

Made a quick stop for a Febo Crockett like you said.
Man those things really burn the flesh of your gehemelte.
Like you said, its like a bitterball but than shaped as a sausage.
After tasting the bearclaw with pindasauce I ordered fifty to take home with me.

By the way strange that you people put food like your woman in glass boxes.

Michelle bought me six red undies from the seaman.
Man there cheap. And damn I look sexy in them.

Anyway got to go. Rutte is pulling my sleeve.
He wants me to accept him on face-book.
Like that's ever gonna happen.

See ya.


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