dinsdag 29 juli 2014


Dear Vladimir,

Nou moet you eens even good listenen to me.
For a moment now without any flauwekulletjes.
If there nog one of our people a strobreed in the way gelayd wordt than i get verry angry.

You think maybe this Rutte is a soft butterball.
But than you have it terribly wrong.

We will begin our boycot to your country today as we speak.

As you think that you van the springjaar ff lekker in the garden can enjoyen from the flowering Tulips, than you have it wrong.
The export of Tulips stops today.

Further can you het kaasfonduen ook wel shaken.
No more gouda cheese for you.

En you can put the new album from Nick and Simon where te sun don't shine.
You pygmee pottentaat of a efteling.
Hope dat you je verslikt in the wodka, ugly geteisem!
Crawling pis-bed! Irritating smirnhof!

And you can keep your bjorst. We have worst.
From the Hema.

And your olympic wintergames, or wow you perhaps nog a stukje schaatsen against us.?

Europe may look like a unorganized zootje.
But if its necessary than we doen it in our eentje.

One week of a Russian tour of the toppers and Frans Bauer and we have you on your knees. Begging to stop.

But lets not get ugly.

Just let our people do there job. And stop delivering weapons.
Maybe then the "year of friendship" had any goal.


M. Rutte.

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